Welcome Message

Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta, 16 April 2009

Head of Information System Development and Services, University of Indonesia (Chairperson of the Conference Organizer) We warmly welcome you to the International Conference on World University Rankings and Quality of Education 2009. This event is hosted by the University of Indonesia and held at our Campus in Depok, in greenery of the rain forest in the outskirt of Jakarta. During the last few years the University of Indonesia has enthusiastically participated in World University Rankings evaluations and look into the evaluation as an inspiration to achieve Quality of Education.

In the last three years the World University Rankings in the world has affected the measures done in many World Class Universities in conducting its 3 main roles in academic, research and services. Presently, there are 29 kind of existing University Ranking methodologies. However the Times Higher Education (THES) and Webometrics have been widely discussed and become reference as well as valuable input to the development of universities in Indonesia. In addition to that, there is Shanghai Jiao Tong World University Ranking which is very prestigious and evaluate the quality based on research results in many universities worldwide.

Elaboration and discussion with the experts of World University Rankings, direct exchange of information and sharing of experience from resource persons from different universities and higher education policies authorities will increase our understanding to perform a constructive effort to improve our rankings.
The aim of this conference is to elaborate concerted effort in deciding strategic actions to improve the ranking of universities, particularly in Indonesia. In this conference, world class competent speakers on world university ranking will provide us with deeper understanding on world university rangkings. The conference program is comprised of keynote talks, invited speakers talks, and discussion among top leaders of many universities.

Enjoy your visit to Jakarta. We wish you a fruitful conference.

Riri Fitri Sari
Head of Information System Development and Services, Universitas Indonesia (Host and Co-chair)